Sunday, April 5, 2009

Psychiatric Solutions Equity Analysis

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bighilllex said...

Second Thoughts about PSI

My adopted son was seriously hurt by staff repeatedly while in different PSI facilities. His friend was killed in Virginia. Please take a moment to look at the information below.

PSI Locations in US –

PSI explains again and again on the above site how they increase profits by increasing by 4.6% “per patient days” at individual facilities. This means they are keeping pediatric patients 4.6% longer. Especially foster children, where parental rights have been removed. Those children never leave until the checks stop coming. Should PSI be bragging about keeping pediatric patients longer? Doesn’t that indicate PSI is becoming less successful at helping children get better? At a minimal cost of $650 per day, those extra 16 days a year really add up.

PSI averages 25% profit in an industry where the average profit margin is 6%. Great if you are an investor, not so great if you are one of their pediatric patients in danger and staying 4.6% more days than you would have the previous year.